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This codeplex project contains the source code for my published US Elections App for Windows Phone 7

The app is currently at version 3.6, which will be the last version of this application. The application will be removed from the marketplace after the elections.

I want to share my project with the world so other people can learn from me and i can learn from other people. This project might be of interest for anybody that is trying to use AgFx - data caching framework -, TweetSharp - Twitter library -, Automatic error reporting with the Northern Lights library (and Telerik) and just common approaches in WP7 and WPF design and development.

As any project this one grew over time. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. I'm more then willing to discuss different approaches or helping you out if you have problems understanding what the application is doing.

I'm also on Twitter: @bjornkuiper

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